All stages of project documentation

Technical audit.

Development and maintenance
of a digital twin

Adaptation of foreign companies’ design solutions

Design sections


Structural solutions

  • Structural concrete
  • Structural steel
  • Wooden constructions
  • Structural steel-wooden
  • Fencing of pits
  • Underground constructions
  • Retaining walls


  • General, local and anti-smoke ventilation
  • Heating and heat supply
  • Utilization of energy resources
  • Boiler houses using cogeneration and thermal transformation
  • Individual thermal points
  • Refrigeration and Cooling Centers


  • Cold and hot water supply
  • Household, technological, drainage and storm water sewage
  • Fire-fighting water conduit
  • Pumping stations


  • Electrical wiring connection
  • Connection of electrical lighting systems
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems
  • Input Distribution Devices
  • Backup electrical system


  • Intrusion detection alarm system
  • Access Control System
  • Video surveillance system


  • Structured Cabling System
  • Television system
  • Local Area Computing Network
  • Multimedia system
  • Telephone network system
  • Digital clock system
  • Radio system
  • Automated building management system, which includes automation and dispatching control of engineering systems


  • Ticketing systems
  • Interactive television
  • Hotel Complex Management Systems
  • Technological equipment of conference rooms
  • Sound amplification
  • Parking automation

Special sections

  • Technological solutions
  • Construction Management Project
  • A project For organization of demolition and dismantling works
  • Environmental protection
  • Access measures for persons with disabilities
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ensuring safe operation of a facility
  • Technological regulations for waste management
  • Security-protective deratization system
  • Vertical transport

Benefits for your business


of construction processes


of construction costs


Control over
construction time


of construction site
operating costs

When designing and building
  • reduction of capital costs by 30% compared to standard;
  • complete independence from subcontractors and other participants in the process, no influence of “human factor”;
  • full control over construction as a business;
  • enhanced project quality;
  • complete online construction control from anywhere in the world;
  • exclusion of technical and regulatory errors in design and construction;
  • a possibility of making instant changes to a project;
When using an object as a business
  • significant reduction in operating costs;
  • independence from the human factor;
  • availability of complete information about the object and current changes in digital form with detailed 3D-visualization;
  • no need for archiving and manual adjustment of a large amount of paper documentation;
  • making all the necessary changes and alterations in one click without violating the standards;
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Additional features

sales of real estate items under construction, a new level of service for a potential buyer by organizing a virtual tour of his future apartment, parking, office and the entire facility, reflecting the unique advantages and capabilities of the object design.
it is possible to see the real consequences of any change in the project in terms of costs and construction time having a digital twin of an object.
Work in global markets with full control from anywhere in the world.
easy attraction of borrowed funds and partners, the possibility and transparency of any global financial and technical audit.

Implemented objects

The building houses a cafe, a grocery store, a fitness center with an aqua zone, offices and residential premises.

Area: 4,900 m2

The scope of works performed at the object: design documentation for all engineering sections of the internal systems: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply, cold supply, water supply, drainage, power supply, communication networks and fire systems.

The building houses A class offices of the Joint Directorate of Asset and Services Management of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies ‘SKOLKOVO’ with increased requirements for microclimate formation. On the ground and first

The development includes 4 blocks with 22 sections. The first floors of the sections have free layout, which can be transformed depending on the needs of the Investor. In the basement, there are technical rooms; second to fourth floors are occupied by housings.


Area: 35,000 m2

The scope of works performed at the object: a concept for all engineering solutions, which makes it possible to assign the block project to the highest energy efficiency class according to EN 15217 ‘Energy Efficiency of Buildings’ (A) and A + class according to SP 50.13330.2012 ‘Thermal Protection of Buildings’.

Area: 350,000 m2

Kazan Aviation Plant is the only enterprise in Russia that is capable of producing strategic bombers of the latest generation.

The feature of the object, in addition to its huge size, is its complex specificity of production technology, which should provide the most energy-efficient and modern technological solutions.

The scope of works performed at the object: In the framework of work at KAPA n.a. S.P. Gorbunov, a project for reconstruction of air heating systems and ventilation was developed.

The Center’s activities are aimed at developing efficient technologies for extraction and exploration of oil and gas fields, transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as creation of new solutions to improve energy efficiency of the main technological processes in the steel industry, creation and certification of new premium compounds

Area: 17,000 m2

The scope of works performed at the object: Correction of working documentation for external water supply and sewerage networks.

A complex of buildings and structures for higher education with research and administrative premises ‘Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Eastern Ring’, on the territory of the IC ‘Skolkovo’

Area: 133,000 m2

The scope of works being performed at the object: Correction of construction design documents for the sections of heating, ventilation, conditioning, smoke removal in sectors G10, G11, G12.

This complex of buildings will include classrooms, administrative and teaching offices, rooms for conferences and seminars, a Student Center, a library, recreation areas, canteens and cafes, as well as research laboratories.

Area: 50,000 m2

Residential blocks 9, 10, 11 of D2 Technopark area are located on the territory of IC Skolkovo and include a complex of small and medium-sized buildings with apartments, townhouses and cottages for teachers and students of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, employees of key partners of the innovation center, and social infrastructure objects.

The scope of works performed at the object: construction design documents and as-built documentation for all internal fit-out engineering systems in apartments, townhouses and long-stay cottages.

Area: 26,000 m2

Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygin (Technology. Design. Art) is one of the oldest universities in Russia. He is one of the first universities in the country to train specialists for light industry.

The scope of works performed at the object: design documentation, at the stage of reconstruction of the existing buildings, for all engineering sections of internal systems: heating, ventilation, conditioning, heat supply, cold supply, water supply, sewerage, electrical, communication networks and fire systems.

Area: 1585 m2

The object is designed to work in more than 30 areas, which requires specialized rooms, such as operating rooms, IVF laboratories, radiation diagnostics, dental office, etc. Strict regulatory requirements for clean air, its climatic parameters, ventilation and heating equipment are imposed on such technological rooms. , water supply and sewerage systems, as well as artificial lighting.

The scope of works performed at the object: Design of all engineering sections of the construction design documents and project documentation.

Area: 504 m2

Residential building in the historic center of Vilnius.

The scope of works performed at the object: Our specialists developed a project for reconstruction of a residential building using BIM technologies. The concept of the project involves adding two new floors above the existing building in the historic area of Vilnius. On the first floor, there is a ‘Smart’ format housing. The second floor is reserved for family-type housing. On the third floor, there is a home office. Architectural planning solutions provide high quality of life. The project utilizes environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving technologies and solutions. Currently, we continue to administer the project at the stage of preparation.

The first object area: 816 m2

The second object area: 762 m2

A premium class Residential cottage complex in Monteville Village, Moscow region. The cottage complex hosts a gym, a spa and a swimming pool.


The scope of works performed at the object: Our specialists, using BIM technologies, developed a complete set of design and estimate documentation for construction of a residential cottage, as well as general improvement and landscaping of the adjacent territory.

The concept of the project is modern style and is based on the principles of ‘free planning’ with a detailed study of the functional content of the object. Architectural planning, engineering solutions, interior design provide high quality of life. The project utilizes environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving technologies and solutions. The central systems of supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery of exhaust air and the central air conditioning system were applied. The complex of all engineering systems is organically inscribed into the building structure and forms an organic part of the interior space.

Area: 26,000 m2

‘ATEF’ Group company combines three large plants for production of electrical equipment:

— Baku Transformer Plant

— ATEF Electromash

— ATEF Transformator

The scope of works performed at the object: Design of ventilation systems, air heating, conditioning, water supply. The project included design of internal heating, ventilation and conditioning systems, which provide standardized parameters in the working area of the 14-meter workshop with a high-precision technical process — so-called ‘Clean production’ – operating under strict requirements on cleanliness and regulated air mobility.